Cisco Packet Tracer on Arch?

What is the best way to install Cisco Packet Tracer on Arch flavours? According to their own website I can only see the download for Ubuntu…

there is a way to extract and install a *.deb package in Arch. I never have done it but I think there should be an Article on the Arch wiki about it.

have you looked at the AUR if they have it packaged?

I couldn’t find the official one called “Cisco Packet Tracer v.7.3”, but there is an unofficial one called “packettracer 8.1.1-1” from a maintainer named “runnytu”. So I hope it is stable and secure enough. I’ll try it on a VM first.

Why would you like to install a CISCO product? (they do everything to work against privacy)

Because NetAcad :roll_eyes: