ChromeOS Linux dev VM USB access or yubikey

I am running Chrome OS with Linux Debian inside the VM. I installed the Firefox and Brave Browser’s Desktop vision (use sudo apt install Firefox) (not mobile app vision from google play) into my “Linux apps”

my Yubikey don’t work with Firefox or Brave with setting it up or use as authentication to get into my account’s. Is there Setting I need to change?

Chrome Browser inside the Chrome OS is working fine.

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this is werid and unique problem i have.

I’ve never tried using a Yubikey inside a VM. But I do know in order to use USB devices inside a VM you typically need to setup USB passthrough.

Yes, Sadly I look at this Set up Linux on your Chromebook - Chromebook Help. Article.

It seems like the Linux environment in Chrome OS has limited support for USB:

Android devices are supported over USB, but other devices aren’t yet supported.

For example, when I connect my YubiKey, it doesn’t appear in the Settings app > Developers > Linux development environment > Manage USB Devices. This means that nothing in the Linux container would be able to interact with it.