Chris Titus Tech's FAVORITE Privacy Tools!

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One point that Chris made that I thought was interesting was regarding email. He said that more likely than not when you are emailing someone, your email is going to land in either Google or Microsoft’s server or similarly invasive company. That is why he uses Gmail, because ultimately the email exchanges he has are not going to be private due to the other party. Hope I’m not mischaracterizing his thought process.

One pushback I can think of for this would be the emails we get that are from important services like banks or insurance companies. The sender is just an automated system, but the information you’re getting may be sensitive and you may not want your end of those emails on Google’s servers.

For my threat model Chris makes a good point, but I wonder what others think.

email is never really going to be private without a hassle. iv toyed around with self hosting email stuff unsuccessfully. ultimately i use protonmail mostly, and piggyback off an a2 server i use to host my wifes webstore to use custom domains for email. one that we use is e2ee using thunderbird or k9Mail and openpgp, but that just for fun and not something that is useful for everyday stuff