Choosing A new Phone

Hey guys! My old Iphone is starting to show its age. I am seeking advice on wether or not to stick with an iphone or get a andriod and put a custom rom on it. I dont know much on what the pros and cons between the two are but i would prefer to maximize privacy over fun stuff and entertainment…


I would probably go with android due to the customization level of the os, the main con with android, in the sea of custom roms, is that you require root which voids warranty and can also break your phone. However you can debloat your android using adb (you can find tutorials on yt) without root.

Apple is good with handling data however with android you can see you data movement.

Honestly it just comes down to preference.

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After years of using an iPhone, I got an unlocked Google Pixel and installed Graphene OS. Got everything off iCloud and created new non-Google email accounts. The phone change I got used to pretty quickly, but all the other stuff took a lot of time: researching, changing accounts everywhere, and it’s a process… A journey. Would I do it again? In a skinny second! Good luck!

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The golden question. It honestly comes down to the individual’s use-case. I really enjoy how Brave recently worded this: (paraphrasing) “The worst app on Android will be worse than the worst app on iOS”

I’m at the point in life where if someone IRL who is not technical asks me for a phone recommendation, it’s almost always the iPhone. I can feel certain they’ll be reasonably secure, are decent at preventing apps from gaining unnecessary data & permissions, and that their phone will be well supported for 6+ years of security updates. It’s also the easier recommendation as the Android world has a lot more complexity (Privacy/security of Android varies by ROM, manufacturer, and sometimes even which carrier you get the phone from)

The nice thing about Android though is the heavy level of customization offered to the user. Not customization like wallpapers/system colors/etc. but rather the customization offered by giving users secondary app stores like F-Droid, a large selection of open source ROMs, open source apps & projects, and all of which have more power on Android than they can on iOS. These ROMs also offer users one of the only mobile options that are generally free from big tech companies, while still being realistically usable for a good number of people (Which is not how I feel about Linux phones in 2022)

So it’s ultimately your call. Honestly, both have pros & cons and it comes down to your personal preference & threat model. Some people like @kcshuffle go on the ROM journey and love it, and others find out very quickly it’s not for them.

is that you require root

Just a minor correction, many ROMs are flashed without needing root. Pixel devices can be flashed as many times as you want without needing to worry about warranty. Which kind of ties in my final summary:

I can’t find many situations where the two obvious options for a huge majority of people don’t come down to an iPhone, or a Google Pixel (Either running stock or running whatever ROM the user desires) - these two seems to be the main options most people end up going with.


If you seek speed and privacy, look into the Google Pixel Phones and install Graphene OS. Possibly the best choice you could make when aiming for a private phone.

Information about supported devices here: Frequently Asked Questions | GrapheneOS

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If security is your main focus, can’t go wrong with iphone or pixel, although in that department I’d say iphone has a slight edge. If you’re more into both privacy and security, pixel with graphene os all the way. You could go calyx, but imo graphene is slightly better in terms of updates and features.

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Go with Pixel 6 and install GrapheneOS. You can now get a Pixel 6 cheaper than a Pixel 6a and it’s a much better choice.