ChatGPT question

is there any good opensource proxy for chat gpt i can use without having to create an account? i found some but i dont know if they are good for privacy

I have come across the Huggingchat which is actually open source but I don’t know much about it. It also sends all data and conversation to the developers and also gives you warning that the conversation could show up on reddit. So I won’t recommend you but, you can search about it if you like.

Update : I checked it last week and it was open to everyone, you could use it without account, just like go to website and start chatting with AI, but now they have changed it and you need account to chat with AI.

Just don’t give anything out sensitive to ChatGPT, OpenAI already states they will record conversations , same is the case with every good AI chattool out there, no specific recommendations can be really given here.


IMO this is the only thing we can say for certain otherwise it’s just pure speculation unless someone else can provide some sort of proof. I’m not afraid to be wrong I hope I am wrong actually.

I’ve never used it, I only heard of it

True, but this “Huggingchat” has option to opt out of sending data and conversation to developers. I remember it and I turned it off and tried it (Just for fun, would never give any sensitive information of course!) But unfortunately they now require you to have account! That’s the end of the story LOL.

There is, it gives you access to a few different LLMs including chatGTP. You need to create an account but all you need to provide is an email.

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Requiring an account shouldn’t be a dealbreaker for anyone wishing to chat with AI as the prompts cost a lot and if random ip address were to be given freedom to bombard the server, all hell would break loose soon.

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