Changing voice for Physical Opsec (Not through software but training)?

how to sort of change your voice for the internet not through software but through practice like reducing your pitch, and how hard is that to distinguish from your normal voice (both through software and human foresight)?

I think some of us do this pending the scenario. Some people talk louder and attempt to sound clear on the phone.
I spoke to a soft spoken lady on the phone in frony of my coworkers. They mentioned that my voice changed dramatically as I spoke softly to her.
In sales this was told to me as mirror and match. You act cool and blend in social situations. You talk shit when your gaming with your buddies.
In this group I feel older than most and have afopted this persona at this time.
I was addressing a coworker with a lot of confidence over a radio, we normally talk face to face. He acknowledge me with out question but then asked who i was and said I sounded different.
I will add I have a horrible singing voice and often talk too loud. Perhaps I dont hear and correct my voice well.

I say all this because my voice tone and pitch change enough for others to notice. Someone paying attention would notice things like I acknowlege folks frequently and prompt them to carry on in a particular way. Like saying uh huh…
It is more difficult for me to free flow write as I am now to change my writing style.

I don’t think this “skills” will fool any kind of AI. It may fool humans though. So whom do you plan to fool with such skills? I am presume it’s the latter.