Changing username

Hello! Can I change my username in this forum. First I opened this account with my moms information I mean it was my mom’s account. But now I would like to change the info. I changed name and email address. But can I change the username? And if it’s possible then how? And if not then I think I have to create another. Thank you. Just to know

Hey there!
As far as I know, It’s not possible to change your username.
Your best bet is to delete and make a fresh new account.
We’ll welcome you back :stuck_out_tongue:

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If your trying to change all information related to your gmail account, then you have done what makes sense to me.

Change all required data to false information, (disposable@email.c0m) then delete your account. Unfortunately your username is burnt and you shouldn’t use it on the same service if your joining under better circumstances.

Not saying here if there was a data breach leak your last information will be leaked and not all the data you ever used to create an account but it would be good if that was true. Hopefully deleting your account wipes out everything and your truly deleted.

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