Caring about Privacy & Security while also doing Gaming

I know this is kinda hard considering the fact that when you sign up to different platforms or launchers to play, you give up a considerably high level of your privacy (your home address, date of birth, payment information). So knowing this, you guys have some ideas or advice to mitigate this?

I’m trying things like e-mail aliasing, PO Box, and a minimal level of sandboxing but I’m open to more ways to game privately (or at least the most I can).

Also, things like or VoIP like MySudo are out of the question (at least for me) because there are not available on my country :frowning:

If you play singleplayer games the best way would probably be piracy. If not, provide information as fake as posible.

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You know if it makes it difficult on the payment process? Having a false name and/or a false home address for example. If it doesn’t matter i would do it asap.

I only buy games on Steam and instead of for example putting 100 euros on my Steam Wallet when there is summer sale, I buy TF2 keys with Monero from a third party and flip them on Steam’s marketplace at a profit. The reason I only flip TF2 keys is because they sell the fastest due to bots.


Crypto is a tempting option, but the financial situation (in my country) isn’t ideal for buying it since the USD price has sky rocket super highly for what I can afford :face_exhaling:. Maybe on the future we could have the coins more accessible :pray:

Any recomendations on pages to do this?

However, there are better options I can’t mention without breaking this forum’s rules. If you search for “Mann Co. Supply Crate Key for crypto on third parties” via your search engine, you might find them.

i just finished deleating a 10 year old 3thousand dollar steam account.

i am still suffering from withdrawls.

this is the only way to game privatly.
never game online. in anyway at all.