Car insurance quotes vs privacy

Car insurance, shopping for car insurance is rather invasive for privacy. Any suggestions for this?

What makes it invasive? I wasn’t very involved in the buying process of my car so I don’t know a whole lot. I assume credit is involved?

Yes, no name no quote, 100% they look you up and then your name is out there. Feels like throwing yourself to the wolves. And less figuratively, you have just given up a big chunk of you data, history, and back ground to some of the most privacy disrespecting companies on the planet.

For the future, If you registered a shell corp or a sole proprietorship and gave that when you were buying the car, that might make it easier to hide yourself if car manufacturers allow purchases with those. You could submit the claim under your shell entity, whether this would actually work is beyond my knowledge but it’s probably possible.

Have you ever tried to do that? No one i know has actually tried and successfully managed to do that. I have a company and still wasn’t able to make that happen.