Caption8169 - August Livestream

FYI: Caption8169 is the Patreon user from Surveillance Report #130 that never got their question answered in a promised Youtube short. The other user had their shorts promoted, but Caption8169 never had his question answered in a short or even subsequent episodes of Surveillance Report.

Just wanted to mention that since my comments are autoblocked on the Techlore’s Youtube channels and having been blocked on Twitter for even mentioning the Caption8169 issue.

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You’re blocked from commenting as you’re a known troll that actively spreads disinformation about several legitimate privacy projects in bad faith—as is this case as well.

For those wondering, this has been taken care of for 3 months now by Nate:

If you read the post you’ll find:


Some weeks we’ll only do 1 question, some weeks we may do more–due to time restraints we can’t promise that we’ll get to yours, but we appreciate all of them!

@TechBore_01 I legitimately wish you spent time creating your own privacy resources that you felt was better than ourselves and other people, we need more people pushing the envelope and it’d be a net gain for the community for you to develop your own resources with different perspectives on issues.