Capital one fraud detection

My application for a capital one card flagged their fraud detection. They called a family member who has a capital one card, my name is not on their account. We do not live at the same address.
They did not call me with the number I provided.
It surprises me they associated my application with a family members account.
I called back Capital One and spoke to a rep she told me that they use public data records and call family members for verification. I asked the rhetorical question I don’t want my family knowing that I am applying particularly that family member. What can I do to prevent that ever from happening again. She told me that she did not know what I could do to change my records.
I rebutted and said those are not my records, there your records you have them.
She said I needed to submit three documents, using a secure app. I asked if there was an alternative and she said i could mail or fax. The application number, state issued ID and and proof of residence.
This is a situation where I am happy to have documents that do not relate to where I live.