Can't sign in to Proton website

I was using Proton Drive app and i wanted to setup 2FA for it so i tried to login to Proton website but i couldn’t! , After inserting my username and my password it is loading for ages and no hope to respond , Anyone know why this is happening ? And is there any solution?

I would suggest reaching out to Proton support as it may be a problem on their side. You could also uninstall and re-install the app and see if that helps.

I know my answers aren’t much help but they are only real solutions I can think of. Either way hope this helps :grinning:

I tried to open the website from Firefox instead of Bromite and lol it worked , But till now i can’t find an option to activate 2FA for my Proton account

You can enable 2FA on your Proton account by following these instructions: