Cant enter my reciving wallet on agrodesk

I tried to enter my BTC recicving wallet on egrodesk
And the “cotinune” button is still greyed out.
Is there any idea why,

Did you include the bare address or the bitcoin: uri?

Bitcoin uri? First i hear that term so i dont know what you mean.

What i can tell you is that i entered “recieve” in the wallet and copied the address that was there.

Late answer, but make sure that you don’t have any spaces in your address and that you don’t include the bitcoin:.

So if you copied bitcoin:bc1q7ug4w4as2sefar89q057hnmxkakp58a25535ttlmurn6cncs8tms4e7gp2 make sure that you remove the bitcoin: and any spaces (maybe at the end of your address?).
So you just have to enter the bare address like for example bc1q7ug4w4as2sefar89q057hnmxkakp58a25535ttlmurn6cncs8tms4e7gp2.

its not that. i talked to to the tech support. they said i need to switch the wallet from testnet mode to mainet mode