Can You Use Discord Privately?! | Q&A

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I’m having the same problem with discord even after enabling 2fa and turning off tracking its still not easy for people who want to protecting their privacy

An0 / SimpleDiscordCrypt · GitLab exists to get e2ee on discord, works on attachments, images and messages. Only caveat being you have to use discord web, and it’d only work on desktop. Can’t speak on how secure it is either, but its a nice way of having a bit more privacy on discord, and it’s probably easier to get ur friends to install a browser addon or a userscript, than to change messengers, it’d still look like normal discord as well when using.

Webcord is the best i found to counter discord’s privacy invasion.

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I have not looked into the implementation details yet (I’m not an expert or anything tho.) but even if Discord had E2EE metadata would continue to be a serious problem.

Also, it appears to lack “basic” features like PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) [onion]. Also, managing multiple devices is quite a mess.

Believing that by using some extension like this (Or even GPG/whatever) or a 3rd party client discords stops being a problem is problematic. From a privacy point of view (and many other, but that’s my personal opinion) Discord is pure crapware and should be obliterated from existence.

BUT if you’re forced to use it try to protect yourself as much as possible. 3rd party clients, encryption, even VM can improve the situation.

P.S: The project is somewhat cool tho.