Can two different people randomly create the same email alias name?

Can two different people randomly create the same email alias address? Or is it impossible?

Please expand on your question, are you referring to SimpleLogin?

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Yes, I’m referring to it. If I create an alias, is it possible that another user can randomly create an alias with the same and use it? So, technically that user starts using the same address as me. And what if I disable my alias or/and delete my account? Will an alias name previously used by me accessible to other users or SimpleLogin never let’s anyone to create an alias with the name that was once used?

I believe the ‘prefix’ that comes just before the ‘’ portion is in place for this very reason. I no longer use SimpleLogin, as alias features are built into Proton Pass, but it’s the same concept. I believe those prefixes are randomized in such a way that duplication shouldn’t be an issue.

Moreover, I believe that permanently trashing an alias removes the function that allows for emails sent to your alias to be forwarded to your actual email inbox. tech questions/faq

When an alias is deleted, it’s put into a global trash and we make sure that it can’t be reused. All historic information on the alias (the account that creates the alias, alias contacts, etc) are deleted to respect your privacy.
This applies to all aliases created with SimpleLogin domains.
You can however restore an alias created with your own domain.


Just discovered this is done with google accounts about 3 months ago. Makes me more confident someone will not find my partial gmail and recreate my account.

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