Can Skiff Mail be trusted?

I saw skiff mail on twitter. Did anyone used it. 10GB is free cloud storage. I saw on their website. How they are giving 10 gb for free ? Is that service really secure and private ?

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I swear you wrote my exact thoughts!
I made an account w them a few months ago because their UI is pretty and then I forgot about it.

10GB free, i got an update yesterday that you can use 1 custom domain for emailing for free as well.
Insane amount of free stuff for a supposedly “private” company.

I really don’t understand their business model and that combined with the crypto crap and being an American company, I’d never use it for anything important.


I’ve personally never used them, as they’re relatively new. Though, I’ve been intrigued for awhile, and willing to give them a shot.

From what I’ve seen:

  1. They USED TO have a Privacy Policy that disclosed data sharing. This was later removed, when called out on Reddit.
  2. I’ve seen Andrew Milich (one of their founders) on social media a lot, answering questions, and helping when he can.
  3. They’ve released a whitepaper detailing security practices, and seem to be active in the open source community.
  4. They’ve been audited.
  5. Some of it is Open Source (just UI and Client, not server).

Right now they seem to be on the right track. I’m just waiting for the platform to be more mature, for any spots to reveal their ugly head. Skiff, as a brand, is still very new.


Just checked out their site.
Hey, it’s a free tool. I’ll probably use it for unimportant things.
Thanks for the tip.

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I also use skiff as wall it was so far a great service but I agree with the crypto nonsense and the fact that it’s not fully open source but that 10 GB is better than nothing hope they support pgp in the future

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You can always create an account with the service later once they’ve gotten better and more trustworthy. Vice versa, you can always delete your account later if you hate the service’s privacy practices. I suggest using an alias email service (ex. SimpleLogin/AnonAddy) for all emails that come to your Skiff account, and only use it for non sensitive communications. If you choose to move away from Skiff, at least this process will be much easier.

Never used it but I’ve seen Skiff is listed on Privacyguides : Encrypted Private Email Recommendations - Privacy Guides

No offense, but it looks like the perfect thing that could be a honeypot, especially due to their lack of transparency.

I’ve been using skiff for a few months and it’s been amazing. Lots of people
who’s opinion I trust always likes the service. Great podcast interview with the ceo of skiff he explains a lot.

The team is quite transparent and active within the privacy community. Notably, were extremely active in the process of getting listed on Privacy Guides, and they’ve even made an appearance on this very forum.

And a note on the usability of Skiff — I have a good friend who’s been using it as their primary email for a few months and they’ve been very happy with it.