Can my Dumphone be trusted?

as part of an attempt to increase privacy and reduce uneeded background noise from my life. i bought a dumphone.
while i still have my smartphone it works more as a PDA at this point.

and its seemed to work. i barely have a reason get my smart out of his faraday beg. so for the most i can trust that he cant pick anything.

but today something happened with my dumphone that had me concerened.

i accidentally set the alarm clock and proceeded to shut down the phone.
and yet sometimes the alarm was ringing at the set time.
now as far as i know a phone should not be able to do it if turns out (Becuse how the hell would he know to turn himself on and start ringing?)

so is this a reason to be concerned? or am i just being paranoid?

Maybe you didn’t power it off?

I’ve heard some smartphones can do that. Wonder if it’s a feature? Idk how it works

i doubbled checked. i did turned it off

Just spitballing here…I don’t think the vendor would go through the trouble of putting a backdoor in your phone JUST to wake you up in the mornings lol

I would advice you to repeat the experiment with your phone switched off and setting an alarm, and if really it is what you claim, and you find the thing spooky, chuck the damn thing in a bin and buy another dumbphone. They’re quite cheap.

lol pretty sure they want. my point was that i was kind of disturbed becuse. well if its functioning enough to start the alarm what else can it do?

Update: ok just tested it:
I set an alarm and closed the phone. the moment the time for the alarm activated.

with that everytime i try do anything that require internet i get a message that saids that connection fail. so i cant help but wonder what can any could possibly get from this phone.