Can MacBooks be anonymous?

Hi, I own both a Acer laptop (with Windows and Linux dual-boot) and a MacBook. I prefer the MacBook but was wondering if it was possible to make anonymous.

I already use it without an Apple ID, but I know there are other privacy issues with Apple that may prevent me from using it anonymously.

If anyone knows if it is already anonymous, if it can be made anonymous + how or if it’s just impossible to do on MacOS. Thanks in advance

I think you meant private instead of anonymous. If it’s so then watch the video from Techlore on macos “hardening”. It’s really switching off some toggles and can be done in 5 minutes or so.

If you want an anonymous system then use Tails or Whonix on your Windows machine. You will have to switch of Secure Boot temporarily though. I have never used Whonix on USB though.

If you are trying to understand the difference in them , read this post

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How would using Whonix in a virtual machine compare?

Both the host operating system and the virtualization software are able to monitor what you are doing so your call I guess.

My understanding is that unlike on a Windows/Linux device, Apple also manages the device’s firmware, this does help their security, as find my features, as well as others, are partially implemented in firmware. Meaning this data is not dependant on the OS. This can also make certain data collection methods harder to bypass, as you are forced to use the device on Apple’s terms.