Can iodéOS take down stock Android? Let's Find Out!

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Is the bootloader fully locked, or it locked it an alternative key/OS where you get the yellow warning on the boot screen?

I think it’s cool to see different options for custom roms shipped with locked bootloader, murena are selling phones with /e/OS installed and fully locked bootloader.

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I think ability of locking of bootloader is little over-emphasized at times. Sure they are an integral part of the physical security of your device but it may not be a deal breaker point for those who are looking for a private phone.
Everybody may not be having same level of threat model and may not be so much affected by whether their devices bootloader locks or not.
Since , bootloader locking is available only on certain devices like pixels it really narrows a users choice for a privacy phone.
For now bootloader unlocking would only be an added feature for me which may not affect my decision making.

More and more apps don’t work if the phone is unlocked or jailbroken.

The apps I need on my phone are for digital signing, 2FA, and banking, they all have strict security settings and more and more of them simply can’t run unless the bootloader is locked.

Good looking os, but I still prefer /e/

Is a video on Divest OS in the works? It’s listed on Privacy Guides but that’s almost the only place I’ve seen it featured. Not a lot of content about it on YouTube either so may be instead of a dedicated video it can be mentioned in a Techlore Talks? I just want more folks to look into it and give their thoughts.

Nothing in the works, no. Lots of other phones that need to be reviewed first.

Punkt, Simple Phone, PinePhone, & PinePhone Pro.

Super happy to see support for old phones and security and privacy for LineageOS. Lineage has always been the best you can get for your non Pixel devices. Lineage left me feeling like next time i am getting a Pixel.

Some like myself would argue DivestOS is better for security.

On the iode forum, they say it’s only the Fairphone 4 that can relock the bootloader, and the FP 4 is a lot more expensive than both their Pixel 5 and 6.

If you can only afford the cheapest refurbished phone, you can probably still get a cheaper phone by buying one on the 2nd hand market and installing LineageOS yourself, and if you can afford a pixel phone then GrapheneOS is still a better option than iode.

DivestOS is pretty underrated imo. While reviews for the other phones already exist and are covered more than necessary, Divest project could use some love.

LineageOS is something I planned to use on an Android 8" to 10" tablet, leaning to a Samsung or similar with Alt HDMI output and can support HDMI capture through USB C. Just now getting into the specifics.

I am honestly tired with the options here. It seems a new ROM pops up every now and then, like do we really need this many ROMs? The market’s oversaturated tbh, like see this list of ROMs-

  1. GrapheneOS
  2. CalyxOS
  3. Divest OS
  4. ProtonAOSP
  5. LineageOS
  6. Copperhead OS
  7. SimpleOS
  8. IodeOS
  9. 20 different variations of Linux for mobiles

Possibly more?

Like imagine if all the projects didn’t reinvent the same wheel over and over again that pretty much do the same job, contributed to one another to fix issues. What happens is a competition emerges and some projects thrive, others don’t because not many people are using them, hence developers get burnt out and leave the project to die or in poor condition. It’s the same thing that happened to Linux, and the same mustn’t happen to Android.

Most roms are not reinventing the wheel, they are forked from CyanogenMod/LineageOS.

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When there’s few options, people complain about it. When there are too many, people complain about it. :smiley: Don’t fear having choice. Fear not having it!

Of the main ROMs I hear about in the privacy space, it’s Graphene first, then CalyxOS. Divest OS is one I’ve learned of recently that barely has any coverage. Iode is talked about slightly more, in that I think I’ve seen like 2 videos on it. Anything that’s not Graphene is likely based on Lineage. Copperhead is what GrapheneOS started as and I don’t think folks are seriously recommending it anymore. Really, the Android ROM world is pretty small.

To your point about having all of these projects work together, that would be nice and you do see that to an extent. However, folks disagree and so they take things in different directions. In the case of GrapheneOS and CalyxOS an attempt was made in the past but it didn’t work out.

Many seem to. Projects like Seedvault seem semi-collaborative and used across several ROMs, Lineage is a starting point for a lot of ROMs, and there was an attempted AOSPAlliance. From what I’ve heard, some of the ROMs have pushed changes upstream to Lineage as well.

Without pointing fingers, it seems like most projects seem/seemed to get decently along. You can try to dig into the history of things like AOSP alliance to try and see where potential issues may have come up, I definitely have onions on the matter on the people who tend to be problematic :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s GrapheneOS and Calyx. They are literally ice and fire.

All i am saying is we could avoid a potential Linux like situation where we have like 200+ distros. We could do a little collaboration( other than Graphene and Calyx devs).

Why does it matter?

Anyone can make their own distro, most are just a software bundle and very little if any development is put into it.

The waste majority of Linux users are using the main distributions, and by fare the most development time goes into shared projects like the kernel, GNOME, kde, etc. If you look at all the work that is done, and how much that directly or indirectly ends up in the top 10 Linux distributions, it’s probably +90%. Very little work out of the total amount goes into the one-man projects.

Linux has always allowed people to explore their own solutions, and the community decides if their solution is worth adopting. If you removed all the one-man projects, it wouldn’t mean that the same people would start working on one of the main projects, for many it’s just a hobby project they work on in their free time.

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