Can I liberate Echo Dot (3rd Gen), somehow?

I have successfully liberated/degoogled my mobile (CrDroid) , watch (AoS), Kindle, FireTvStick, router and laptop. Though I don’t seem to find anything on Alexa / Echo Dot.

The best I could do was adding a blocklist on my Pihole, though didn’t seem to do much. I disabled all ad related settings in the mobile companion app.

Yes I could host an homeassistant or Mycroft on a Raspberry Pi, but the alexa speakers are too good a product for listening to music (For me).


Anyone else looking for something like this, here are some links:

i have old echo dot was wondering if put any open source on it use it securely never opened or powered it once hear echo could listen in on stuff been siting my drawer for few years lol