Can i be hacked using a call?

My friend got hacked after answering a call on discord from a stranger and he thinks that the reason he was hacked, Is it possible?!!!

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Most likely no, the call is proxied through discord so you never make a direct connection to other users, if they only answered a call then I don’t see how that would be possible. If they clicked any links or did anything else then it is possible.

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There’s a type of security vulnerability that requires no interaction on your part called 0 click exploits. You can read about it here:

However, no one would waste a zero click on a random discord user. A zero click exploit is something that’s extremely expensive and usually reserved for high value targets, and besides it wouldn’t have required him to even answer a discord call (which is why they’re 0 click lol). In a zero click exploit, you might see a caller screen for a second and then poof! You’re toast.

Most likely, he messed up in another way and got himself pawned by making a mistake that has nothing to do with any calls.

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Unlikely that an audio call would lead to a breach by itself. They should probably look elsewhere.

To clarify, was it their discord account that was hacked?

Also did they use LastPass as the service was breached last year? Have they checked “have I been powned” for recent data leaks for the email that is linked with discord? Did they install OBS or other such software, as there are hackers trying to impersonate OBS, so they can install malware and hijack login session cookies.