Can Brave Browser for Android be downloaded outside of the Google Play Store?

I use Brave Browser on my PC as my daily driver browser. As I am trying to De-Googleise all my devices as much as possible, I am trying to download and install Brave Browser onto my Android phone, but I seems to be only downloadable through the Google Playstore.
Can Brave Browser for Android be downloaded outside of the Google Playstore?


Hey Greg,
Yes you can install Brave browser outside of the Google Play Store, unfortunately it isn’t in F-droid because it has proprietary blobs within the app.

You can either:

Manually Install through GitHub

The APKs are released on GitHub, make sure to download the right version, you are looking for the ‘Release’ versions on the GitHub releases page.

Automatically Install and update using Obtainium

You can automate this process by using the Obtainium app which can pull the APK releases from GitHub and automatically update your apps for you.

Install and update using FFUpdater

Another way to install Brave is by using the FFUpdater app on F-droid it allows you to update and install Brave within the application. It pulls the APKs from Brave’s GitHub for you and automatically alerts you to updates.

Install and update with Aurora Store

I know you said you didn’t want to use the Google Play store but another option is Aurora store which is a frontend for Google Play, it isn’t the most reliable way to install and update brave but it is an option so that’s why I am mentioning it.


ApkMirror is an option and they have a FAQ that I referenced when I was setting up some Apps with Obtanium.


As long as you download the first APK from directly from the source (like GitHub) it should be okay to install from APK mirror as Android won’t allow you to install a update to an app that has a different certificate fingerprint. (This would indicate that it has been tampered with)


Brave is one of the Apps which I have not switched over to Obtanium. If I recall my effort would pull up the nightly build.


You can add Brave and only download stable releases by putting


Into the

Filter Release Titles by Regular Expression

When adding Brave to Obtainium


Thanks, I’m going to copy this to my tasks.