Calyx Hotspot and Fiber Optics and Gigabit Internet

I’ve been considering a Calyx Hotspot for Internet use.

Does the Hotspot support fiber and gigabit Internet? What can be done to improve the connectivity of the hotspot if I’m experiencing lower speeds?

I am pretty sure the surprise was big when reading your question, so I will answer your question.The hotspot is essentially just a mobile wifi for your devices. There are no fiber cables or gigabit speeds. Gigabit or fiber is given by Internet service providers such as ATT or Verizon, or Google. With the hotspot speeds will depend on your location. The service calyx uses is Tmobile/Sprint network. Also Calyx sells 2 devices, with one running LTE and the other going 5G speeds. Check out the calyx website for details on the speeds and features of the devices.

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Unfortunately there are no ports for external antennas on their hotspots but the 5g model has pretty fast speeds all considered. I’m looking forward to a model that supports antennas though so we can really up the signal (like this: AFFORDABLE High Speed Internet Anywhere - My RURAL INTERNET Setup Revealed!! - YouTube).

Until then, all you can do is move it around to try and get the best signal it can get

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