Calendly Alternative

So I am looking for a privacy-friendly alternative to Calendly for booking work appointments. While it works great and has flawless automation with Zoom and Google Meet, it is not very privacy-friendly. The only Calendly alternative I have found that respects privacy is It is open source and has an alright privacy policy. However, I was wondering what everyone here is using. Perhaps I missed out on some services. I am only looking for a free service where my clients can book me and receive an automatic link to Zoom. has a great UI as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

1 Like looks like it has some great features, makes me wish business would use something like that.
I have a friend that is a nurse and she works for multiple facilities all unscheduled. Not only does she have to coordinate with a charge nurse who ultimately figures out a schedule, working with the other nurses to cover their shift sets up a scenario where she can get more work. I mentioned several calendar apps and she said she would basically need to use all of them to meet everyone’s needs and then still handle scheduling over phone calls and texts.
I mention all this to say I’m interested in what works out for you and how this works for everyone trying to schedule you.


I have been using Calendly till now, and it has worked great for me. Clients can book appointments, and they receive an email or phone number to contact me at the scheduled time. I don’t see any issues with it, although the pricing is on the higher side. Overall, the service is flawless and saves me a lot of time. I think the nurse should also try it. Thank you for your reply.