Buy giftcards (EU) with crypto

Hey there
I’m looking for a trustworthy service, where I can buy giftcards with crypto currencies (preferably Monero, but others are fine too) which are spendable in the EU.
I know you can buy certain ones with cakewallet, but unfortunately they are not available in the EU.

The only service i’m aware of is Bitrefill. It is avaliable in EU (at least in my country). You can buy gift cards with Bitcoin, Lightning, Litecoin, Ethereum and more. It doesn’t support Monero through. It is a trustworthy service but I don’t think it is privacy-respecting because of their privacy policy :

2.1. Depending on the above, we will process some of the following personal data to the extent that processing is adequate, relevant and necessary for the purposes outlined in paragraph (3). This may include:

Identity Data (e.g. your name, photo and date of birth);
Contact Data, (e.g. your address, email and phone number);
Professional Data (e.g. your role in a company, if you are representing a legal person);
Technical Data, (e.g. your IP, geolocation and browser fingerprint);
Usage Data, (e.g. how you use our services);
Marketing and Communications Data (e.g. your marketing preferences); and
Any other personal data provided by you in the course of your engagement with Bitrefill.

I just wanted to add that you can buy prepaid cards from the Cake Pay website using Monero in case you are not aware. These obviously are not gift cards, but you can use them pretty much anywhere were a Visa or Mastercard is accepted.

There are certain websites which don’t accept payments from prepaid cards at all and only allow debit or credit cards, but that is quite rare.

Yep, Cake Pay is available worldwide, it’s just the app version that is USA-only.

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not sure what gift card your looking for But G2A you can get giftcard for amazon and they do infact allow you to pay in bitcoin

Do these prepaid mastercards require KYC?

Yes. It says you have to sign it at mastercard directly later on and verify your identity there to use the card (doesn’t matter if you order the physical oder digital card tho). If I didn’t get it wrong, Cake Pay is basically just the service that allows you to buy these prepaid cards, it’s not the vendor and can’t activate the card.

Thanks I didn’t know that. I also found a lot of giftcards especially for my country on their cake pay web version.

No, they don’t. You need to provide a name and address to be associated with the card to be used as billing information, but these can be fake. I have successfully bought and made purchases using these virtual prepaid cards and at no point I had to go through any kind of KYC.

Good to know that, thanks for sharing :slight_smile: def. going to try this