Buy and Sell preinstalled FOSS and GNU items

Before starting please let me know if my question is permittable.

I’d like to know if Techlore would be interested in having their members post the sale of their equipment.

As of now I’m interested in buying a mobile router and laptop. I’d be more inclined to purchase these items from privacy conscious ppl than a retailer or other private sellers.

Maybe a person wants a mobile phone with CalyxOS or Graphene0S preinstalled on a phone. They would post the device they want and get a response with price quote. Or perhaps someone would like to sell their services for a small fee.

Ok well,… it’s just a thought.

BTW,… I’ll take this post down if it’s too objectionable. please let me know.


I think this is a great idea!


much appreciated. thank you. who knows, maybe this platform could be a source for growing a reliable and friendly community.

Interesting idea, but legal stuff. If you allow people to sell on the forums, you have to pay attention to a ton of legal problems.
Simply said: What if I scammed you? How is the forum responsible?
How about taxes?

I do not see how this is feasible.

I only asked if there was an interest. It would be up to Techlore and the people who use the site to set up trading rules and the like.
If Techlore posts a legal disclaimer stating they aren’t responsible for trade or sales between two users requiring the user to ‘click to agree’ terms of service then they wouldn’t be legally responsible.
Even if no one wanted to sell or trade directly on this site they could easily post a third party URL. Taxes would be an issue for the buyer and seller to resolve.
I’m not advocating Techlore be a middleman or service for any sales whereby they would receive a portion of any transaction taking place on their site.

Maybe you are right and maybe it isn’t feasible but it doesn’t hurt to ask. You pointed out the negative part of selling but is there a chance there could be a positive?

“Ok. Well,… it’s just a thought.” ← and it still is.

Payments could be handled by the seller, e.g. through crypto or on a third-party site. This way the seller would be responsible.

It’s a good idea but I doubt Techlore wil do it as it’s likely too hard to setup & moderate.

I don’t recommend to buy pre installed or pre configured privacy stuff, learn everything yourself and do it yourself.

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I disagree with this strongly. For some people the act of installing an OS is enough to fuck up their system. There is a reason to why most people do not install an OS on their devices.

While expecting people here to be able to install an OS on their own (especially with something like Web installer | Install | GrapheneOS), the general idea of selling/buying hardened devices is great and should not be discouraged.
Especially when we talk about people that aren’t techy, but still need to use a smartphone, laptop or any other device.

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Well that’s the reason I I also suggested a paid service.

If someone needed 1 on 1 Linux OS or custom ROM support for an install, they could search or post the need for paid support.
Some people need help with their devices. Some more than others because they aren’t tech savvy.
It took me a day to install Havoc OS on my android phone and I’m somewhat technically capable.
Why did it take so long? Because there’s too much info to sift through when trying to install software on a particular device. It also had a lot to do with to trial and error, bad information and even outdated information.

If I knew someone who could have walked me through the process it would have taken me only 30 minutes. Yeah I learned a lot but it took way too long.
Sometimes a tutor (paid support) is a good investment.

@CharAznable and @Raznick Raznick If I’m wrong in one way or another let me know. But tell my why.

With this I completely agree.

Selling advice (video calls) is great. If possible, I think people with the knowledge should always be willing to share it (be it for free or paid).

DIY will make you learn more, but sometimes you don’t have the time or whatever. Tutoring is great, but preflashed systems should also be available for purchase. Simply because this is the only way normal people would ever get a custom ROM.

Hey if you ever need help, simply hit me up and I will help you. I help with a “pay what you want” system in mind. If it is bad help, why pay for it?

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The thing I’m afraid off (call me paranoid) is if someone messed with the software or data and sells it off to someone with privacy in mind, when you buy everything yourself and do yourself I have more heart at peace.


@Raznick and @CharAznable You both got good points.

I guess the best middle point would be to buy the gear first then get customer support. At least then a purchaser of service could check to see if the code isn’t malware prior to installation. As an example: MD5 checksums and legitimate github links.

Where do you guys get your hardware from? Any reputable dealers you know of?

I usually buy devices directly from the manufacturer.


The best middle point would be not needing custom anything because stock is already amazing.

I buy my hardware with cash (like everything) from a local store.

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