Burner, Hushed, Tossable Digits, and Viber

I am looking for a VOIP service where I can have more than nine numbers affordably.
I am also looking for a service that is suitable as a dedicated burner phone app for use in ephemeral matters such as when I go order pizza or something.

MySudo could have been an option. However, the 9-number limit nabs me and I want a more specialized service. Like, I don’t need the Sudo email as I use SimpleLogin and Proton. I also looked at business VOIPs, but they are too expensive, opaque, and over-the-top. I also looked at Blur from Abine, but I would like a service where I can have more than one number, even if I have to pay more.

Tossable Digits looks the most solid as I often go to other countries and it’s used among expats, but I want to understand TD better before I decide. And as for the number(s) to use in ephemeral situations, I would like the service that is most friendly for this. For the burner app, I likely would use the built-in SMS as it’s for truly temporary situations and not for something like Signal.