Burner, Hushed, Tossable Digits, and Viber

I am looking for a VOIP service where I can have more than nine numbers affordably.
I am also looking for a service that is suitable as a dedicated burner phone app for use in ephemeral matters such as when I go order pizza or something.

MySudo could have been an option. However, the 9-number limit nabs me and I want a more specialized service. Like, I don’t need the Sudo email as I use SimpleLogin and Proton. I also looked at business VOIPs, but they are too expensive, opaque, and over-the-top. I also looked at Blur from Abine, but I would like a service where I can have more than one number, even if I have to pay more.

Tossable Digits looks the most solid as I often go to other countries and it’s used among expats, but I want to understand TD better before I decide. And as for the number(s) to use in ephemeral situations, I would like the service that is most friendly for this. For the burner app, I likely would use the built-in SMS as it’s for truly temporary situations and not for something like Signal.

Have you made any progress?

Because I often go on business travel, I settled on Tossable Digits (SMS is virtually unused outside the US and TD serves as a planted flag for phone numbers) and Burner for temporary situations, like when I go buy pizza in New York or something.

I realized business VOIPs are rather really meh. I know startups who use Google Voice.

But MySudo is not at all a bad choice! It’s that it fell short of my needs.

Looking now at Tossable Digits, how’s the SMS work just for 2FA?
How does the Porting work out?

In the near future I would consider porting old Mint Mobile eSIM numbers to TD. This would allow me to retain access to the number I used to set up an account which I forgot to change the phone number before letting the MM service expires.
IronVest allows you to change your number when ever for $7. Porting gets me excited as a feature I have not seen.

As for SMS 2FA, TD works excellent. However, as far as I have tried, you cannot delete SMS texts (phone: iPhone 14 Pro) on TD. It stays on that number’s record (tied to your TD account) permanently. Therefore, always use TD for SMS 2FA or similar (IE Signal and Uber) and never use TD to actually communicate. Using TD for 2FA only also lets you to have a pretty detailed record of all the services that uses or used your TD number.

The interface is also less communications-friendly, solidifying the case to only use TD for administrative purposes, like 2FA. Burner facilitates SMS conversations much better. However, Burner is easier to use for burner numbers than TD.

I haven’t used the Porting feature so far, but here are useful documentation on porting into TD and porting out of TD.

Porting in: Support: Transfer your Number to Tossable Digits - Tossable Digits
Porting out: Support: Porting Out - Tossable Digits

Reading the documentation, the impression I have is porting out is a more convoluted process as you have to actually contact support. So, take that as you will. Though, this might be so to have port-out attacks be harder to pull off.

On the other hand, it appears porting into TD is easier and is wise to do if your number effectively became a 2FA (or rather, a number never to be used for conventional SMS messaging) number.