Browser's Password Manager or Bitwarden?

Is it better to use my browser’s password manager (Brave) or my current password manager? (Bitwarden)

I would really just like something convienent (Autofill basically) and secure, and I don’t really know which one to pick


Use bitwarden it’s better than your browser password manager for securing your passwords i also recommend you to try out 1password because it has an easier ux for people like you

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What do you mean by ux?

User experience it’s when you’re using a software for with a good enterface

Well, I have already been using bitwarden for a while and I have never really had an issue with that, Really just wondering if it would be better to use brave’s password manager

Bitwarden does have autofill, Settings > Options > Autofill, but it only works when the page is loaded.

Maybe you could use both. My preference is KeePass, which the notes and back up are important to me.
My suggestion may be to use Brave Password manager for less sensitive high use passwords that you only use with Brave. If you determine that you have no passwords that are sensitive enough to keep out of the Brave Password manager then your probably OK to put all your passwords in Brave.

See my answer here-

Heiii @SafariKnight

I use Bitwarden and I am very satisfied with it never had any problems, it is open source and works great and is compatible with brave browser.
Also in terms of privacy is quite good as bitwarden doesn’t collect a lot of data and also does not hold your data until the end of times…

I want to use keepass, But for some reason when exporting from bitwarden to keepass it doesn’t import all my passwords, Like I am missing some of them

Are you using folders to organize. I am using KeePassDx and it is difficult to see the number of entries I have as each folder has its own counts but no total.

I would try two programs to verify your export.

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Maybe this will help

You also have Bitwarden comunnity forum like this one

Bitwarden and if you use browser than atleast set up a master password i think brave supports that

No. Don’t use Browser’s built in password managers even if they support master passwords. Browsers are typically used for browsing the Internet which is filled to the brim with malicious actors. It shouldn’t be relied upon to store passwords. All kinds of attacks are possible XSS Self XSS etc. They also storw their key in predictable locations so it’s not really a god idea that way.

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Personallyi would advice against using any password manager that connected to the cloud. I would recomend keypass’ use the.portable that and its,database on a flashdrive andhave it connected only when needed.

I know of the exploits but if you had readed my message you would know that i advice bitwarden over brave built in and i said in the case you do have to use brave built in atleast enable that feature i was still recoomending bitwarden

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Some people really need cloud syncing

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