Browser + Pwd manager combo


I’d like some suggestions regarding what’s a better combination for ACCOUNT LOGIN purposes on MacOS (not signed-in with appleID):

  1. Safari (with Adguard) + MacOS Keychain: Locally stored passwords (not with icloud). I have been using this for a while, and it’s fairly convenient. MacOS keychain behaves like a browser extension.

  2. Brave/FF + Pwd Manager extension.

Which of the above two would be a better option, safety and security-wise? This is specifically for login purposes, not for general web browsing. Thanks for your recommendations.

The main missing piece here is actually sync. Though, you could enable Advanced Data Protection to encrypt everything in KeyChain.

The best solution (at least for me) since you are not blocked in an ecosystem. I don’t have any Apple devices at all.

Hi, thanks for your responses.

So my search is purely from a security/safety perspective. Usability-wise, I’m comfortable without syncing, and local MacOS keychain is a backup copy. Primarily, i use a good pwd manager.

Just wanted to know which is a more robust combo, security-wise, for logins:

  1. Safari + Adguard + MacOS keychain

  2. [(FF + Arkenfox) / LW] + Pwd Mngr Extn.

  3. Brave + Pwd Mngr Extn.