Browser profiles or multiple browsers for compartmentalization?

Hello everyone!

Is using multiple browsers for different tasks or using multiple profiles on a single browser changes anything in the fingerprint/compartmentalization of the browser.

So… Can I get the same degree of compartmentalization/fingerprint protection if I use two of these options?


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I think that in pure technical terms, using a different browser is better than using a different profile on the same browser when it comes to compartmentalization. However, I think the effect is similar enough that the ‘gain’ is negligible.

In my view, I would choose whether a given task or identity is one you want to compartmentalize with your web surfing. Then using a new profile or browser based on what’s more convenient for you. If it’s something more extreme, then you should forget the browsers and think about a new user account, VM, or even a separate computer to keep that data air-gapped.

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