Brave Rewards (BAT) as privately as posible?


I would like to take advantege of the BAT rewards give by brave, but stuff like linking an Uphold or Gemini account seems like a huge risk if I use brave as my main browser.

Are there any tips to lower the info a give to these platforms or should I straight not do it?

In my opinion, it’s probably better to not use Brave Rewards if one is privacy conscious. The amount of personal data you have to hand over to crypto exchanges for the privilege to use their service is outrageous.

The best thing you can do with your rewards is give them away to the websites that accept BAT donations.


I wish they gave acces to a decentraliced exchange. I mainly want to do it son sync an preserve the rewards between all my devices.

where i live we have a fuel station that gives reward points.
they used to have a kiosk where u could redeam points and cash them out for rewards.
they just got rid of all terminals and now u have to use a playstore/app on a smartphone to redeam points.

i am now between paychecks because i had to quit my job for my own safty. so i need thos points. when they told me i needed to use a phone to cash out because i REALY need it right now i just gave the 80 dollar account to a fist found person using that service. β€œyou use this?” here. take my account.

it is not tracable to me, but i will also never put thier spyware on my phone. they can keep thier 80 dollars it took me a year to acumulate.