Brave pings 3rd party websites?

Hello privacy people!

Recently I’ve been using Brave as my second browser on my Android phone, for ‘disposable’ web searches and navigation.

By examining my NextDNS logs, I noticed that every time I open Brave, a connection is established to several websites (see screenshot, below). Notice that I have set a blank homepage, and this happens even if I do not open any other webpage or do any websearch.

So… why is this happening? Is Brave letting these websites track me? I am especially concerned about the Facebook one (digitec is an electronics e-shop, 20min and blick tabloids, ztat apparently is owned by zalando, and kxcdn is another content delivery network).

I am puzzled. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

You have to disable in the settings : “Show Top Sites” located in the New tab page category.

Thanks for the suggestion, but it’s already turned off.

I have edited my response