Brave 1.53/1.56 finally released!


To address an error we encountered when merging Chromium 115 into master, we’ve updated all of our channels to new version numbers:

  • Release Channel will go from 1.53.x to 1.56.x
  • Beta Channel will go from 1.54.x to 1.57.x
  • Nightly Channel will go from 1.55.x to 1.58.x

For more details, please visit our Community.

Here’s an excerpt of the release notes - General section.


  • Added the ability to modify keyboard shortcuts under brave://settings/system/shortcuts. (#30840)
  • Added support for “Off-The-Record” mode. (#28750)
  • Added a link to the Safe Browsing support page accessible from the interstitial page and the question mark icon under brave://settings/security. (#20514)
  • [Security] Added support for Certificate Transparency. (#22482)
  • Updated Brave VPN connection to be removed when Brave is uninstalled on Windows. (#30416)

Hype!! Going to test this out soon. Can’t wait.


The first half of the release notes is changes to their NFT portfolio… I like the browser, but I really don’t like the company and their relationship with crypto.

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This still doesn’t include forgetful browsing? :thinking: What’s going on? It was promised to be released with 1.53

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Do you have this?

If you have that, then yes you have this. But yeah, I don’t why they didn’t say that on the changelog… There’s only the Off-The-Record feature which is a different thing.

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Nope, on the most up to date public version :ok_hand:

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Ok, I know why. I have enabled “Enable First Party Storage Cleanup support” on the chrome://flags to test it out and if disabled, it just disseapears. So yeah, very weird from Brave.

Update : I have reached them out in their Support page to know why there isn’t this awesome feature.


Thanks for this. I just set the flags, and can now see the option. Odd why this wasn’t on by default, I know it works (just tested it). Hopefully you hear back soon.


Update : Brave has released 1.56.11 which doesn’t fix this issue either. Come on! Brave.

Update 2 : Quoting the gHacks Article about that.

Missing features include the new Forgetful Browsing feature and the Localhost protection. The absence may be explained by the version jump from 1.52 to 1.56. They may make an appearance in the next release.

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Might the reason Forget by default was not shipped enabled be related to this issue :thinking:
Anyway here is a mention that the feature will be excluded from 1.53 (which became 1.56.x upon release).


I just wanted to ask if you have any problem with this version of Brave? :thinking:
Brave 1.56.20 Chromium: 115.0.5790.171 (Official Build) (arm64)

I noticed 2 3 annoying things …

  • changed shortcut (suddenly my cmd+< opens Settings :person_shrugging: )
  • every time I close PWA (Spotify), the browser just crashes
  • cmd+left arrow in URL bar no longer move the cursor at the beggining, but zooms in the whole page … :exploding_head:

It’s just me?

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Update : Well… Brave has released 1.57.47 which says on the release notes the integration of the “Forgetful Browsing” feature :


  • Added support for “Forget by Default” browsing mode. (#26465)

Though, I don’t even have this feature :

Has anyone experienced this after updating? Maybe it’s country-specific but I highly doubt it is the case.

Same issue here. I spent some time yesterday with this without success. I created a issue on their github. If anyone else suffering from this has a account please upvote/comment on it.

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So this feature is on a staged roll out. Meaning only about 10% of users have it enabled currently.

It will become available for all users soon enough.

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Thanks for the info! Yeah, pretty confusing from Brave…