Booting Linux Mint caused PC to make a very loud sound

Hey, I urgently need some help with this because I have no idea what happened.

As the title says, I booted a linux mint usb, which went succesful. But my pc started making a very loud sound from my speakers, not like overheating, but like an earrape everyone could hear.

It did boot to the live environment and stopped but I panicked and unplugged my pc.

This seems very abnormal, I have no idea why this happened.

I appreciate any help with this issie

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Welcome to the forum. This does sound very odd, at least something I never experienced. I see in chat you came up with a solution.

It would be interesting to know what happened, why and a solution.

I am planning on redoing a Linux Mint installation on my Kitchen PC. Formatting and starting over.

Hi, I wouldn’t say a “solution” but how it could have been caused.

Im not sure if it was truly the cause as the people who responded said they never had this problem.

Some said it was a hardware issue or somthing in my bios.

A summary to what happened is, i selected the start linux mint option, 5 seconds after a very loud sound, kind of like a vacuum cleaner came from my speakers that lasted for about 10 seconds. I booted into the live environment and it stopped, but I panicked and unplugged the computer.

Its really weird because It does not do this to my windows install, and I can still use windows without issue, but linux seems to be an issue

I tried ubuntu before, and the same thing happened.

I can still technically use linux, but i didnt continue using it on my PC due to this

Also, I found some people with a similar issue, but no explanation or solution was found

When you say start linux mint option were you still in grub?

What app did you use to write a boot image? My preferred app is Ventoy.

I wonder if this was a boot up sound file and it does not have the correct drivers or something similar for the sound card. I recall Windows had a boot up sound, back in 3.1

Yes I was.

I used Rufus.

I wonder this too, would maybe downloading sound driver or something could help.

Boot sound? I wondered this aswell, but it sounded very abnormal. But maybe its because my computers never had a boot sound.