[Blog] Addressing Almost All Techlore Mistakes—And Why You Shouldn't Solely Trust Techlore

After the numerous years working on Techlore, I’ve made many mistakes. Here’s why they happened, why they will continue to happen, and why you shouldn’t solely trust Techlore.

I wouldn’t be able to run Techlore with this much independence and integrity without all of the individuals directly supporting us. It’s this independence that allows us to function without corporate influence on our content and resources.

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Thank you Henry. Very powerful read. It is as if it’s a current “state of techlore” address. Highly appreciated by me, and I am highly on point all with the minutiae and nuance and detail you highlighted… especially the independence and integrity that you respond to the naysayers and arguably, the retaliatory type of privacy mutinizing and privacy infiltrating type of honey pot folks you may be encountering to give you resistance,… or seek to create mental health issues as a function of very old ways of infiltration and commandeering… type of stuff out of Lao Tzu Art of War tactics…etc etc… which is just old news, in these days in the zeitgeist. In my humble opinion

Frankly ,imho, I seem to be witnessing with Techlore, some of the early synonomous attributes between the rise of Facebook Google and microsoft anazon…and the similar correlarries of thier incubation… is it relates to the change in the Zeitgeist of these times. Specifically in my opinion I’m referring to what I see is in the very clear almost desperate hunger of the masses who are as hungry for privacy as they once were for Hunger of Facebook posts and social media dopamine hits etc etc

Again, I can keep elaborating on that, but to me it may be a mute point and an exercise futility . Because the actionable human element that is moving forward to privacy is staggering. In my opinion, people have seen that their personality becoming crafted to the ideas of software, or big data , or a state… and now people in the usa at least…seen the very clear dangers of what it means to have one’s personality deeply rooted out in service to forces outside of their control and out of their consent…

Many of my dialogues, while I do privacy consulting, are about people feeling deeply betrayed by Facebook , by Google, by the gov state, etc… and carrot sticked to have thier personal information once collected …as ammo for being “stabbed in the back”
… and used against them now as an imprisoning tool… and anybody who is familiar with world history knows the “stab in the back myth” is a very dangerous provocateur of many unfortunate things…

based on that ,they the public interest, want to retain their privacy. It is in my estimation is going to produce a situation with techlore and it’s type of corollary ethic, will end up becoming a fruitful multiplier… of factors that were once contributing to the peaceful and joyful Rise of Google and Facebook and Amazon and Microsoft as computers being the great new cool thing …but now privacy mngt influence is the hot thing per se… and behind all of that is , imho, most everybody’s radar is up to smell bullshit… due to being" stabbed in the back "by the Zuckerberg , Larry Page and Sergey Brin Trio, and Microsoft and Amazon serving such similar interest… and having their personal private data becoming weaponized against them in a social controlling and totalitarianistic autocratic communistic manner…and so imho, The Perfect Storm is on the look for integrity ! That is now the new thing which is a very good situation if you ask me… the people actually want integrity because now they see the cost of bullshit privacy… in my opinion the public can see past the silver tongue lip service brown eyes susan wiffer’s… and even to some degree even good old Bruce schneier has been a fear Monger for some time and enriched himself immensely off of the crises of others and selling a half cocked solution and he still doesn’t same to really care that much about genuine integrity and fidelity of authentic solutions in his advocacy and how he shows up to corporate and governmental agencies to preach his messages… in my opinion Bruce is outdated his approaching is not adaptive enough whereas Henry at Tech lore offers the necessary generational differences to think about the times we’re in… don’t get me wrong I love Bruce…

Im expessing my support that public interest is seemingly now on the look for integrity hence open source in a variety of other oprions provable legitimate…

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on what they thought the time was good

May I ask about the change of thumbnail and title on the GrapheneOS “drama” video? Do you consider the old title and thumbnail a mistake? If not, then why change it?

I personally find the old thumbnail and title to be too offensive and just too much.

Thank you, it’s good to see that techlore tries to embrace as much critical thinking as possible.

Off topic:

I saw that techlore uses substack.
Is it private for someone who wants to share only the strictly necessary data and metadata?

Techlore, your approach to your content is oozing with as much prudence and rationality as is in your general approach to privacy and digital wellbeing. Being a sucker for rationality and scientific, objective approach to anything, i deeply respect and support this project and you as human beings (not that i know you personally or anything, but still).

As much as you i get annoyed and disappointed by those radical, biased and baseless bold claims that you encounter every day, and i am glad that such project as yours is out there to counter them.