Blocked Giphy but still able to use it via other apps

@Tony ’s idea to ask this.
My hate for Zuck and all his apps got refueled after I consumed news of his tech’s multiple crimes against my country and its people.[also other countries and humanity in general] (refusing to release their human rights report and alot of other things I shouldn’t mention here)

I searched all companies owned by Meta to block them and found out Giphy was one of them as well. Signal uses Giphy for its gifs. I blocked its domain using NextDNS.
However I am still able to use it via Signal.

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My guess would be that Signal proxies the service or something, however wanted to know if any of you has the answer.

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Signal has cleared this up in the past when they announced the feature here & here

And you can view a discussion on GitHub regarding this here

If this still concerns anyone, just don’t use GIFs:

No requests are ever made to GIPHY unless you open up the GIF selector. So if you don’t send GIFs, you’ve effectively disabled it :slight_smile: Still, I encourage you to read the blog post to understand the protections we’ve put in place.