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OMG Henry, Didn’t you notice that you have just missed one of the politics stories???, The one you just missed is “Israel’s Failure to Stop the Hamas Attack Shows the Danger of Too Much Surveillance” which is in your sources but not in the video!!!, this is super suspicious for real.

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I feel bad for the people getting bombed but I feel worse for the jews/arabs being fed bullshit information regarding the other race.

Communal violence is a disgusting thing which governments will often push for/overlook while they slowly eat away at your freedoms. No one notices because of the nonsense rhetorics they push. Oldest trick in the book.

I don’t understand what do you mean

Do you think both sides are wrong in some points?

What is happening in Gaza is a genocide and the social media try to shut our mouths, sensor and delete everything against the occupiers aka Isreal.

Just see this video please everyone and you will see what is happening.

@anon48036119 @amog

P.s Techlore should show us everything, this is not some political talkshow to ignore things.

Another p.s: I know some people in Gaza and they are running out of food, water, fuel and electricity.

I don’t think I can support either side in good conscience because the people spearheading this conflict are using identity politics and race to further their own agendas. I don’t care what anyone did, it is never okay or alright to demand the extermination of an entire race (as well as impractical as the lines between races are blurry).

Honestly, I couldn’t give a shit whether Gaza is administered by Israel, the Palestinian Authority, or IKEA, but I don’t believe in murder and erosion of human rights. Is hamas worse than israel? Obviously, but I don’t think that excuses israel (a democracy) in the slightest from its policymakers having the smallest bit of empathy for civilians that have nothing to do with warcrimes.

This being a tech subreddit, I would like to criticize all parties involved for indiscriminate mass surveillance (which in the end failed to protect anyone lmao). It’s important to take this as an example of the fact that we need to stand up for our own rights (and those of others) so we know what is theoretically possible and don’t make the same mistakes in other countries.

This shitshow also outlines the way that technology is used to polarise people and further propagate the bullshit that’s being spread causing communal violence. I’ve seen what communal violence does to communities and it’s heartbreaking.

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Let’s discuss what did you say, For Israel you are right but the lies about Hamas are not true and it god debunked in this amazing thread on X

And this one is about the massacre that happened in the hospital by Israel bombs

And finally you could check this amazing interview of Bassem Youssef hosted by Piers Morgan

@amog you could check this links also bro, Don’t follow anyone blindly and just use your mind.

Edit: Since i have no ability to reply because Henry close this thread, Iam gonna edit this to just say that Hamas didn’t kill babies and didn’t fire their own missiles on Gaza’s hospital!!, They just try to get their land back from the occupiers aka Israel and the israeli hostages are being treated in a very good way just watch the interview of the israeli woman with the two babies who was one of the hostages of Hamas, Btw i don’t follow anyone blindly and if i have to choose someone to represent my opinion, I will choose Bassem Youssef.

This thread is exactly why I chose not to cover these stories. Closing this as it’s off-topic for the forum. Feel free to continue discussions in DMs or another platform unless it specifically applies to technology in some way.