Better SMS notification idea

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For SMS apps, it would be great to have a notification setting as follows.

If the number is in my contacts, notify as normal with the ding and the drop-down.

If the number is not in my contact, notify me silently so that I see that text whenever I happen to check my notifications in the status bar.

Would go a long way to minimize the nuisance of spam texts while keeping that channel open for the people texting you who you just don’t have in your contacts. Just had to put the idea out there and see what the universe has to say.

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Simple SMS Messaging has the block all messages not from contacts and that’s a problem as you described.

I would like contact apps to change notification sounds as they allow custom ringtones

Thank you for referring to me as “The Universe”. It is my preferred pronoun.
Sounds like a simple and useful solution.

Simple SMS messaging block all messages not a contact is not working as I think it should. I just got a group message and had the option to block all numbers in that group. They all should have been blocked.

Wish I could do the same for spam calls… but sometimes calls from numbers that aren’t in my contacts are actually important, like banks and education.

Related to spam calls, SimpleLogin emails work for the National Do Not Call registry. ASAP when I get a new number, I register it, even if I plan on keeping the new number for 90 days.