Beta Test: Discourse Chat

Hi everyone~ I’d like to invite anyone interested to try out the forum’s new live chat functionality. It’s just something we’re testing out for a limited time as a casual chat for people to hang out in that’s less formal than a post or DM.

Come say hi in Chat #Say Hello! and leave any feedback you might have here :slight_smile:

#Say Hello!

Seems to be working pretty well so far. I wish the whole chat box fit in my window rather than having two scroll bars, but that's a big nit pick, lol

What device is this on @InternetGhost?

AMD-based laptop with Fedora 36 and Firefox. Happens in a regular window and when maximized.

Here’s how it looks when I’m at the bottom of the screen with to chat.

And I scroll up to get the rest of the chat box to show.

Like I said, it’s a nit-pick that will probably get ironed out upstream. It doesn’t really affect the functionality at all.

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Aha, now I see what you mean. I think this is now fixed.

How do I leave the chat completely?
Found it - settings → about → leave channel

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You can also disable chat entirely at

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If i want to type in the live chat on my phone the live chat disappears and when i am done typing it’s back.
browser: bromite

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