Best Texting App for General Use

Obviously Session and Signal are a couple of the best… but literally no one I know uses them and, at least right now, I can’t convince anyone to switch (I’ve tried).

That said, seems to me it would be better to stay on google messages (that’s what everyone is on) so that messages at least have the E2EE of RCS (so google claims anyway)??

Or is that not solid logic and it’s still better for me to still use Signal or Session even though no one else is on it?

At this point the google messages app is pretty much the only google product left I’m using. It annoys me that I’m still “forced” to use it. If there’s a way to reasonably get off of it, I’d be stoked.


For people on Google Messages, use it and make sure RCS is being used.

Try and move people to Signal, but if not, use Google Messages

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Google Messages will use RCS for people who are using Google Messages and use SMS for people who are not using Google Messages. As of now it’s like iMessage for Google because of the holes it can’t fill due to Apple not wanting to adopt RCS.

Since Google Messages has some people who would not be covered with encryption and iMessage has the same problem, the best situation (as everyone knows) is to to move to a third messenger that both parties can use. But that is a ginormous pain that everyone on this forum feels.

If you have to move to a third messenger to try to increase protection regardless of who you’re talking to, who do you use? Ideally it would be Signal or Session like you said, but it will be a challenge to climb over that hump. What are your other options?

Potentially, depending on where you’re at and whether this app is already pretty well adopted in your social graph, the best option might be WhatsApp… Look, I don’t like it either, but here’s a post where I tried to grapple with the same thing. It’s a sucky conclusion to arrive at, but this is where I am right now. :confused:

This didn’t occur to me before, but what about Telegram. I know, generally speaking, it’s NOT a good app for privacy or security… but is it any better than Google Messenger? For some reason most of the people I know DO have Telegram in addition to Google Messenger, so it would be a viable option assuming it’s not actually worse than GM. LOL

Telegram’s normal chats are not E2E by default, if you can convince people to use the secret chats feature that is E2E that’s a step in the right direction.

Telegram is frustrating because it markets itself as a secure messenger but by default it’s not. Yet folks end up walking around thinking they’re alright. :frowning: Not their fault. It’s Telegram’s fault, lol.

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Has no encryption other than in secret chats. If OP decides to go this route, make sure to only use secret chats, otherwise I think Google Messages would still be better

Dang, that’s true. At least with Google Messages some of the chats will be encrypted automatically, where as none of the Telegram chats are encrypted by default. Not a good look for Telegram, lol.

It’s not an easy task to make people to install Signal, but you need to convince one by one to install, start with a friend who is more into tech or privacy, after that install (and make easy to find/use) on your parents phone, then one by one friend, if a friend ask you to fix their computer or something similar, answer “I do, I help you, if you install Signal”.

Don’t try to make an entire group to install Signal, make one by one.

Yep, I have been on signal for 11 years and since then about a 1/4 of my contacts have moved to signal. The problem is that most people don’t know how to use it properly. They treat it like an alternative messaging app like (WhatsApp) and so for everyone who uses it as their main texting app they will have people saying: “oh, I missed your messages, I hardly use signal…” Everyone who downloads signal needs to set it as their default texting app. This is impossible for iphone users since many (most/all) iOS releases do not allow you to set it as your main…
No judgement, but if baffles me that anyone is still using mac/apple products…

Other issues with signal arise when people who used to use it remove it from their phones but signal still sees them as a signal contact and sends all texts through signal - so they don’t show up in the recipients regular text messages.

I still use signal on every device and never use any other messaging app, but there are some growing pains for sure :confused:

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I have a Mac and I really like it. Not used any other Apple products in years, they might be alright but too many FOSS apps don’t exist on iOS so I can’t switch

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Signal is the best app for family and friends, its relatively secure when comparing to telegram and other apps. But also Signal comes with its flaws. Session also has some flaws (no PFS) and their onion routing isn’t as ‘secure’ as with TOR, most people cannot afford to host lokinet nodes which is problematic and could be used by government parties to create a onion net of malicious nodes. I don’t trust Session anymore.

The best option would be hosting your own XMPP server and restricting it with TOR only connections.