Best Terminal Recommendation

I use Arch with KDE desktop and use its default terminal konsole. It’s good it has all features like split screen and tabs but for me I don’t know why it feels slow sometimes. I’m looking for a alternative that’s fast and is better than konsole. Considering I spend most of my time in terminal other than browsers I hardly use any gui app.

For fast and lightweight (no tabs support etc.), I would go for Alactritty. For reasonably fast (there is an ongoing competition between Alacritty and Kitty to see which one is faster; decide for yourself) and feature-rich, Kitty might be a good choice.

I am personally using Alacritty. Beside others, I love its amazing Vim mode (not just on the command line, but on the entire terminal window). I cannot live without that any more. I have Kitty installed too and overall, it is an incredible terminal emulator, too.

This one I’ve been using.
Cool as fuck, gives that fallout vibe

As @Adda mentioned, Alacritty and Kitty are popular picks, personally enjoyed Alacritty myself a few years back.
I use Tilix these days, though it’s built with GTK and might not look great on a KDE Plasma desktop.

People here already suggested Alacritty and Kitty, but if you want the most bare bones, fastest terminal with minimal ram footprint: st, the suckless terminal. imo it gets the job done easy and efficient. It opens super fast via my keybinds, and you can patch the C sourcecode to allow for many things such as scrolling

Kitty is excellent and comes with a lot of built in features via kitten.

Alacritty is fine as well. However out of the ones mentioned here it is - to me - the least preferable one.

St is barebones, and adhering to the Suckless philosophy, can be patched to add functionality. Excellent choice if you’re looking for a terminal that’s a terminal and nothing more.

What hasn’t been mentioned yet is the terminal I am using, which is Wezterm. It is GPU-accelerated, written in rust, and extensible via lua. Highly recommend it.

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Interestingly, I have never heard of Wezterm. It is nice to see that the users have some more choice in the area of GPU-accelerated terminal emulators, though. I will have to take a closer look at some point.

I very much like Konsole. It is faster than things like Terminator and cleaner as well. I really see nothing to wish for speed wise in it. Is your computer slow?

Yes my computer is kinda slow i5 and 8gb Ram