Best social media platform for news

I am trying to use less social media but for some reason i have a telegram account so whats your opinion on creating a twitter account. Which is a better news source facebook or twitter…?

I’d say subscribing to rss feeds is the best news source and I reccomend Ars Technica


In my eyes, asking:

Best social media platform for news

Is like asking ‘best fast food restaurant in dieting’

Privacy aside, social media is a pretty poor way to consume news. I’d suggest looking into alternative ways to get better quality news. If the thing you like about social media is that its ‘easy’ / takes no effort and news come to you rather than having to seek them out than there are a couple alternatives that might work for you.

  1. As has already been mentioned. Setting up an RSS feed is a good solution that is no-effort once set up.
  2. Podcasts. Same concept as RSS Feeds but audio. FInd a few decent sources, subscribe, listen.
  3. Anything else where the incentives of the app or service are better aligned with your own incentives (in this case becoming better informed).

Staying connected to friends who are using social media is my only source of news from social media. If they filter some article which they feel it is worth sharing then it may be something worth checking out.
Some folks share facebook or TikTok links and it does not take much of a response that I can not access those articles or links and they stop sending that type of information.
My news source is RSS feeds, and NewPipe subscriptions such as the surveillance report.