Best real time collaboration tool?

Ive heard and read both Cryptpad and Skiff. Another option, more of office suite tool is OpenOffice.
What would you recommend?
Im looking to collaborate on ios/mac.

Conversation about Cryptpad: Cryptpad, anyone heard of it?

My favorite of these three so far has been CryptPad, I’d give them a try first.

This is a relatively new find for me, but maybe check out HackMD? Imagine Google Docs but simpler and what everyone is sharing and collaborating on is markdown files. If you basically just work with text, it’s a simple option to give a shot. It’s also free and open source.

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This might need some weightlifting but why not some VCS like git?

I like Git for documentation as well, but it’s not really real-time.

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Try out HedgeDoc. Its good IMO. Else CryptPad is more trusted than Skiff IMO.

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Thanks all for comments.

Im looking for something to recommend to relatives, so it should be preconfigured.

I use my self hosted OnlyOffice. Works well from my experience and people are not confused by the UI/UX as it is similar to MS Word.