Best Privacy Chromium Browsers For Android

Hello i want to know whats the best browsers to use in android for privacy can you friends help me with choosing the best ones for me

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  • Bromite
  • Brave (with disabled crypto bs) - if you use Brave on desktop you can use Sync feature.
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Chromium based

  • Bromite
  • Brave

Firefox/geko based

  • Tor
  • Firefox
  • Mull


  1. I prefer ddg as search engine everywhere as i feel it hardly collects any user data
  2. Use secure and custom dns in browser settings.
  3. Personally i wouldn’t recommend using brave sync unless they encrypt your data and don’t keep logs or copies of it on their server.
  4. Bromite pretty much has all the relevant settings for privacy set by default like disabled webrtc etc. ,so you need very less user changes.
  5. Bromite has some additional mitigations to resist fingerprinting techniques like super cookie which i am not sure brave is able to execute properly.
  6. In bromite you could enable opening of external links in a incognito tab to prevent the links saving cache cookies and other fingerprints.
  7. Bromite has in-built settings for custom user agent.

I use Vanadium and Chromium (with some security improvement patches)

Well thanks but which version of chromium do you use

The latest for which I can find the patches I need/I patch myself.
It’s compiled locally and more of a “can I DIY it?” project, so basically a pain in the ass for most users. I do not recommend this to anyone, as it can lead to huge problems.
The version is 105 (whatever minor version it is).

As you’re probably asking with a “what should I use?” background, the answer is Bromite and nothing else. It is not the newest Chromium version (.31 instead of .136), but should be the best option for most users privacy & security wise.

I hope this helps you

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Yeah but what about users who don’t want to switch to bromite

What’s your reasoning for not wanting to use bromite? The basically only other recommendation I have is Vanadium, but that browser is basically GOS only.

I use brave because its cross platform and has a better user interface not to mention that powerful ad blocker i also use firefox for Android as backup

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Brave is supposed to be a good privacy respecting browser as well, I just have never used it myself and therefore don’t include it in my list of recommended browser.

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