Best Home Security Camera System Recommendations Needed!

We recently bought an cabin up in the mountains about 12 hours away from our main home, although we are looking for a reliable security system that respects our privacy. The hard part is that we need the following features. The ability for the cameras to record locally and to be viewed via an remote connection such as our phones. Though having an remote connnection always brings privacy issues, this is the reason we would never go with ring and nest. Does anyone have any recommendations? We currently are looking into the lorex security camera systems but haven’t done alot of research yet.

Features Looking For:

  • More privacy respecting than ring & nest (don’t want to be connected to an county survillence system)
  • local recording
  • hardwire connections (no batteries unless they are used as hardwire backup)
  • HD video streams
  • Daytime & Nighttime recording

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This ^^
I have yet to find suitable cameras that respect my privacy.

exactly, the problem is, we aren’t at our cabin everyday such as our home so an local nvr system that doesn’t allow remote access won’t work. Sadly, i keep thinking that there is not another way an to use systems like lorex. Other than hosting an homeserver or using an docker

Might honestly be a good question for the linus tech tips community form

Ubiquiti does offer Cameras with Local recording, but also the option to access them with an app/online.

The nice thing about them is: No subscription needed as everything is stored on your own hardware.

What information is shared when you use the app you need to take a look at their privacy policy.

I use 2 Ubiquiti Wifi Access Points to have Wifi everywhere in my House and I had no issue with them since installing them. I cannot say anything about the Cameras as I dont use any.


I’m also looking into this company

Update: I don’t like ubiquiti due to vendor lock, just like apple lol

Which outdoor/indoor security camera for personal residence that focuses on the privacy and security of the owner can you recommend?

If you use Apple Devices, you could use HomeKit Secure Video. It does have a few requirements, like needing an Apple TV or HomePod in the house to serve as the “brains” for the camera(s) and an iCloud account to actually store the video (which does not count against data cap but the subscription is required to record). The video that is recorded is end-to-end encrypted and not visible by Apple.

This solution meets all the features you are looking for except local recording and really only makes sense if your family already has iPhones.

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icloud data is unencrypted, I don’t trust apple

I have no idea, I’m currently looking for some. There literally isn’t any options besides having offline nvr cameras for the best privacy and security but this doesn’t work for my current situation due to me only using my cabin a few weeks out of the year


Anyways, there’s two clear answers to me. The simplest/easiest-to-use option (also relatively expensive) is Synology Surveillance Station, which I personally prefer. The more DIY option (cheaper, also non-FOSS) people like is Blue Iris. Either can be used with any standard RTSP IP camera, so you can get PoE cameras from anyone (Hikvision is a decent budget vendor) and mix-and-match them to your heart’s content, just don’t connect any of the cameras themselves to the internet and you’re golden.

I know there’s all-in-one camera+NVR bundles out there that can be very cheap in some cases, but I wouldn’t go with any of them that I can think of myself. That’s major vendor lock-in with very little option to expand beyond the provided kit.

Since you haven’t mentioned many specifics like how many cameras you need or how long you want to store recordings, I’m not sure what other advice you could be given here, but those are some things you could begin looking into.

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Some is and some isn’t.

The video recordings are end to end encrypted tough. I do understand not trusting apple though that on itself is a whole different story, but at least you are not letting facebook into your house.

looking to store videos for an week, 4k videos if possible and an doorbell, 4 outdoor cameras, one a floodlight camera

In general for “Smart Home” stuff, Z-Wave products/technology is pretty much the best and most private you can buy, they are a bit expensive tho. I’ve never looked if they got cameras, so maybe check them out. I think Linus Tech Tips also used Z-Wave all over his new house he is currently moving in, they also got a LOT of cameras on the outside and inside, so maybe check out his videos and see what he uses.

thanks for suggesting me the synology systems! i’m looking into them now

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“Z-Wave” is a protocol like “Wi-Fi” and is not going to have the bandwidth to stream video from a camera.

Linus used Home Assistant which does integrate with both Z-Wave IoT devices and IP cameras, so if you were going to go full smart home that is definitely the most privacy-respecting option and the best choice to have an all-in-one IoT dashboard to manage all your cameras and IoT devices. You’d still use it in conjunction with an NVR solution like the two I mentioned though. I think general smart home recommendations would have to be a whole other topic.

Also FWIW, Linus uses Ubiquiti cameras. Ubiquiti and Synology are the only two “tech companies” making privacy-friendly NVRs that I can think of off the top of my head, as opposed to most other NVRs being sold by “camera companies” who I wouldn’t expect to have as much experience/know-how when it comes to securing their products :slight_smile:

I am looking to a setup similar to this. Is there a way to be able to position the cameras really far from the server. Is it just a matter of access points?

Depends on your cameras? Probably just a matter of wifi coverage. I suppose ideally you’d run Ethernet for power/data to the cameras and not have to worry about wireless and batteries though.

I’ve been using the Eufy cameras, which can be used with the HomeKit secure video thing. I honestly haven’t researched this topic that deeply - at the time I set this up, it was pretty much the only such option I could find. Has anyone else looked at this option? I haven’t seen it mentioned yet. (Yes, I know there was a bad bug at one point.)