Best GPG app with ed25519 support for linux

Hi, I am usong KGPG on Debian but is an old package because I am on Debian.
Does anyone know if the latest veraion of KGPG supports ed25519 keys?
If not can you name an alternative that does?

I don’t have a strong threat model, just like to keep thing under my control and leak as little info as possible.

Picocrypt, age.

Switching to Fedora is recommended.

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There are a lot of completely valid reasons to be running Debian. While I also prefer Fedora and like how it handles a lot of things out of the box, we don’t quite know what their Debian setup looks like.

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Thank you for your recommendations.

Regarding Fedora, I do intend to swap over at some point in the future. I am aware they tend to have newer packages, among other advantages. Which you are correct to imply would put me in a stronger position.

I originally chose Debian because it is the base of the entire Debian branch of Linux distributions and I was trying to force myself to learn Linux the hard way, but wasn’t comfortable setting up Arch. Ps this was pre Manjaro. I also chose it because it is generally thought more stable, and because it is incredibly shielded from outside attack. I have also Implemented measures to harden the system where it is potentially vulnerable.

One hangup I have with Fedora, is that I don’t like Gnome. I know blasphemy :slight_smile:
I am aware that you arn’t stuck with that de, bit still. I am also not keep on having to re-image my machine. I do have a backup of my data to restore from, but it means making sure my scripts and configs will work with Fedora instead of Debian. I will still want to keep the Debian copy as they works with Mint (for my laptop).

Thank you for your comment.

Which is why I “recommended” running Fedora, I never said it’s a must or anything.

This isn’t true. Debian has a lot of vurnerabilities in its packages due to them freezing packages which may introduce potential vurnerabilities for desktop users. (Even Debian kernel has a lot of holes in it). Debian isn’t suited for desktop users if you ask me, but everyone’s needs are different and I respect that.

You’re welcome.

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I know you’re not ready to make the switch to Fedora just yet, but Fedora has a lot of spins that come with different DEs out-of-the-box.

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When I said shielded, I do not mean that Debian itself is secure, I mean that there is so much security infrastructure around it , that if an attacker can so much as see that it exists, my entire security strategy has already failed.

GNUPG is what you should be using. Command line is where the money’s at these days.


I guess the Linux haters never stop hating Linux, do they? What is it with you"researcherers" ? Why are you always bashing on Linux, making hypothetical, overblown claims about Linux being insecure? Im tired of this Madaiden guy shilling on Linux insecurities. Look, if your lot wants the duopoly to exist, you lot are doing a great job at keeping it, helping corporations to push the large axe of proprietary software down our throats. I want things to change, a revolution today must occur, where freeminds must attorneys the evil, ie corps.

Thanks, downloaded one of the spins. As you say, not ready to install it on my Debian box yet. But will do a live USB to test it.

I am apparently a hater for simple stating what Debian team stated on their website about freezing packages.

Care to read what I said in the above threads before calling me a hater?

maybe try picocrypt is has support for that it has a appimage


Hi, I don’t think anyone on this thread hates Linux, and I don’t understand ypur perception that anyone is arguing for proprietary systems. Having said that, it is true that Debian has some security weaknesses. That is not, me hating Linux, it is me being fair about the weaknesses of a particular distribution, one I am currently using.

Having the self awareness to acknowledge weakness in our favourite software, is an essential part of making them better.

Debian isn’t perfect, but saying security patches are not backported in Debian packages or the LTS kernel because of the freeze is just flat out wrong.

Rolling release also isn’t a perfect solution.

It is true thay, we live in a complex reality where there are no perfect solutions. The key is having detailed conversations. So people understand the tradoff

Also, just a reminder that this thread is about GPG apps, not the general security of Linux.

I don’t mind good faith recommendations, but just to keeps the tread on topic.

I’ve been using Linux for the past 30 years, and I’ve never faced a problem with it. Sir there were a minor hiccups here and there, but not security issues. Debian has a whole team of smart and talented individuals than you working on its security so I doubt that there is even a single flaw in Debian like you seem to state. Security flaws on Linux is pretty much a myth in 2023, share there were a few back in my days, but now, there are none. So spreading misinformation.

While I haven’t had any problems, I can highlight several security config issue that mean it isn’t ideal.

  1. sshd enabled with password auth on by default.
  2. Firewall disabled or not installed by default.
  3. No permissions management for mic web cam, Bluetooth, access by default.

Additionally, while I haven’t personally verified this, I believe X.Org has been criticised for not properly isolating windows belonging to different processes.

A second reminder though, that Linux security is not the topic of this tread.

This. The whole point of the forum is to branch out discussions, not allow each thread to turn into a Discord channel. If you want to discuss Linux security, there are better ways of doing it. Please keep posts, especially questions on-topic. Will mute future posts here that are off-topic.


Kleopatra might meet your needs:

Manual: The Kleopatra Handbook

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