Best FOSS Notion alternative

Hello everyone this is my first ever topic in any forum.

I have been using notion for note taking since year. I want to know is there any FOSS alternative with cloud sync just like notion?


I’m not for certain but I think Obsidian has cloud sync.

There is being developed as a direct alternative to Notion. FLOSS, self-hostable etc. I am not sure what is the status on synchronization, though.


My setup is just like a raspberry with Syncthing, a computer with syncthing and an android smartphone with syncthing-fork (sync every hour to save a lot of battery). Computer and android have Joplin with encrypted notes enabled. Every hour notes are synchronized with raspberry that sync them with other clients.
This is the best setup I can use, Joplin has less features than Notion but for my use is perfect.

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Notebooks - Privacy Guides has some options. I would also add Cryptee here as well (which is what I use in combination with Signal Note to Self)


I agree that this is a great setup. I could easily work with this alone, I think. Right now, I use Org mode for Emacs with Syncthing, but this is not convenient for mobile phones: AFAIK, there is no GUI to manage Org mode files on mobile phones. I use just standard text file editors instead.


If you use Dropbox, OneDrive, or Nextcloud, then don’t sleep on Joplin! Its interface isn’t as pretty as Notion’s but it’s a very powerful tool with lots of customization options.


You can pay for using obsidian sync service, or you can use nextcloud with syncthing.

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May I also suggest ? It’s in a closed Alpha right now, you just need to sign up for an onboarding call to get access. It’s E2EE, available on Win, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS, has Notion features + more.

They’re still building it, but it is very very feature rich.


Thanks for sharing this, i was looking for something like this and I wasn’t able to find anything

I’m not sure what you use Notion for, but Logseq is a great tool. Desktop first, FOSS and you can sync yourself with Synchthing

obsidian, its not foss, but you can block internet access for it if wanted as it works fully locally. The cloud sync is paid, but you can pair it with syncthing, or drop it in a cloud storage network folder/cryptomator vault, theres also some plugins which sync to cloud storage.

If you need a foss option, i’ve used trilium in the past, its a pretty good option. I’ve also heard loqseq is decent but haven’t used it personally.

AmpleNote has been my go to lately for notes task and calendar, in a GTD format. I should work on building a similar Obsidian set up.