Best browser for privacy/security?

Afaik your latter link redirects to a guy ditching firefox and picking epiphany, an even worse browser not only missing a lot of features one uses, but also has terrible performance and does not block ads.

Epiphany uses a GTK port of Webkit. I am not sure about it’s security although I am a bit skeptical about it.

At least it’s not QTwebengine, they still are on Chromium 93 or something like that. These niche FOSS browsers sadly are some of the worst out there.

anyone who contributes to Bromite going forward will be banned from the GrapheneOS community
How to realize that someone is Micay…

I wonder what actually happened (I saw the tweet and the statement that people harassed the GOS developers). I always want to hear both sides. I just hope that the security will stay the same (or get better) on Bromite.

I said it is probably the best security-wise and not privacy-wise. After all if you are a Windows user I’d still prefer using Edge over Chrome or Opera for example, as Microsoft has ways to grab your data even if you weren’t using Edge in the first place. So I’d rather have one big company like Microsoft to collect my data instead of multiple other companies. And as you were talking about attack surface, I think that Edge would also be the most secure option out there in that regard, as it basically hasn’t any bloat which results in a lower attack surface. I personally am using a hardened Firefox with custom exploit protection settings of Windows and never had any problems whatsoever.

That is Nick from The Linux Experiment. Epiphany doesn’t float to the top of my list as “the least bad” either. But, I think it is a good video as he talks about some of the +/- of the browser options as he makes compromises that work for him. I think it best most users go though this exercise vs I picked “X” because that is what “Y” said they use.

LibreWolf (A privacy Hardened Fork of Firefox) is excellent. If you want chromium, then Brave is good.

Micay had some beef with the CEO of CopperHead.Due to their ideological differences Micay exited the company and later while exiting the company Micay deleted the cryptographic keys of copperhead saying he won’t let him harm the users. Copperhead had some losses as they were not able to push software updates or publish apps. The two got into legal battle and people took sides. CalyxOS members and many others were against Micay when clearly he had done nothing wrong. They also started harassing him and attacking him personally to the point he fell suicidal even (from what I heard). It’s only fair for Micay to hold grudge against Calyx.

Note: I have largely oversimplified this whole event. I understand that anyone close to Micay or Micay might feel bad that I left out some details. I apologize in advance.

I know this, I just wondered where the connection to bromite is (or am I forgetting something?)

Not in a good direction. Dev says he might feel burnt out and leave Bromite. Another good browser bites the dust I guess.

Didn’t read the whole thing. Sorry.

That sounds really bad. Afaik Bromite is a good browser (again, never used it, just based on what I sometimes read). Security focused browser should become more, not less known and used.
But what has Calyx to do with Bromite? I thought they only base their Chromium on Bromite, but don’t develop Bromite.

A guy from Calyx came over and opened a PR in Bromite.

How did the Bromite team react to this?

Micay got enraged by the fact a project he once loved working with is turning hostile. To which csagan5 said he would accept code from anyone even if they were “Kitten Murderers” IRL.

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Ahhh, then I understand his reaction. Simply based on the prior behavior that happened from Calyx. Thanks for clarification!

What you want to do is compartmentalize your activities:

I do online logins in Chrome and Brave, because since they are based on Chromium, they provide security against unpatched vulnerabilities. I don’t care about Chrome tracking my activity to build a profile, because all I do is log into my Google Account on Chrome.

For other needs, like web browsing, I use Librewolf and Firefox. I don’t do logins or anything sensitive on these browsers, therefore security is not a top concern. These browsers provide protection from trackers and block ads, making them good for random web browsing.

The best would probably be Tor Browser inside of a disposable VM with Kloak.

Or even just running it on a VM would be fine.

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@ewEfA2jy OP asked for the best browser for privacy/security. not a privacy/security practice.

Best Browsers for Security - Chrome/Safari/Brave/Edge.
Best Browsers for Privacy- Tor Browser/Brave/Firefox/Safari.

I feel like it was on topic and worth mentioning.

It’s really the best you can get. But yeah, you need a beefy PC to run QubesOS and aslo some time to get used to it. Definetly not for everyone.

As other people were commenting, if not QubesOS, go with chromium. Avoid firefox.

It’s not perfect, but I’m fond of hardening Firefox through the use of Arkenfox. I find it’s the right balance for me in terms of maintaining decent privacy and security while not contributing to Google’s browser monopoly.

Of course, even with all of its faults, Tor is always there me for when I need it.

I really dislike the Chromium monopoly, however it’s still the best option out there, in terms of securiy. Hardened FF still has a lot of holes in it.

ungoogled-chromium is a nice project tho.