Best BlackFriday Deals on Lifetime Cloud Storage OR Portable SSD?

Hello everyone! As I am on my journey to strengthen my Privacy game, I am currently looking to purchase either a lifetime 2TB cloud storage plan or a 2TB portable SSD during this Black Friday month to store all my personal files. I am open to either option, depending on whichever is more affordable. I would appreciate hearing about any worthwhile options available. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Lifetime cloud storage.

Seems nice.

If you do buy an external SSD, don’t buy a SanDisk one :slight_smile:

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Slightly off topic but what’s a good value external HDD, 2 TB or bigger? Which brands to avoid because they’re either bad quality or overpriced?

OP, if you want info on deals, it might help folks to know your region. Obviously physical goods can fluctuate by region, but so can digital (some services change price/deals on currency).

Even though I resist to move cloud, last year my cat hit the cable of my hard drive while connected to my laptop and I lost everything. After formatting and using a data recovery tool, I recover most of them, but I don’t trust a hard drive anymore. If you would buy two or three hard drives and apply changes on the spare one, maybe you can proceed with har drives.

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Oh, wow! Thanks for the warning. I checked out those articles you shared, and I’m definitely ruling out both SanDisk and Western Digital.

What’s your take on Transcend, especially the Transcend ESD310 SSD 2TB? Thank you @Jonah

I haven’t heard anything bad about Transcend personally, they’re likely fine. I have had good experiences with Samsung and Crucial. If I were to buy an external SSD today I’d probably buy a Samsung T7 Shield.

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Whenever I buy storage products, I compare the percentage of 1-star ratings on Amazon. I take it as a proxy for the products’ failure rate.

Also, as someone said either here or in Privacy Guides, remember that it’s the company’s lifetime, or sometimes the product’s lifetime, not your lifetime.

Or in the case of Windscribe, it’s Vladamir Putin’s lifetime… :sweat_smile:

There is a company (cloud storage provider) that used to keep and publish statistics on drive failure rates. If they still do that, its a great resource to get some general ideas about drive reliability. The company name is Backblaze. Might want to search and see what you can find.