Best app-locker apps

Which are some of the best app locker app for android security and privacy…


There aren’t many app-locker apps that are open-source and privacy-respecting. I have made a quick look at F-Droid and even IzzyOnDroid (F-Droid Repo) and I find nothing but you can still use any app-locker app you see on the Play Store and blocking Internet access to them.

If you still don’t want to do that, see if the apps you want to lock have an option for that. For example, the Proton Mail app has that.

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100% this. There isn’t really a clear cut recommendation given the lack of trustworthy options available to us.

The only one I’ve tested was AppLock by SpSoft but there are still numerous concerns, though many alleviated if you’re using a firewall to cut out internet altogether from the app.

Aside from using more services that natively support this as @rollsicecream said (Signal, Proton, Aegis, etc.) Neo Launcher based on a quick search seems to support this feature on a launcher-level. So if you were open to switching launchers that’s a potential opportunity. Though, it’s likely not the most robust thing in the world. (But better than nothing!)

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OP should check if his phone has a native feature for that in the settings…

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Do any OEM variations of Android support this? I’ve exclusively only used close to stock devices so I’m genuinely curious

Many OEMs seems to support that :